Flatbed Trucks

Freight transport services in Holywell, North Wales

At Double Time Distribution, we have different kinds of vehicles to help you with your haulage requirements. Whether you need an articulated lorry or a flatbed truck, we can help. 
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Flatbed trucks to help with your transport requirements

Double Time Distribution, based in North Wales near to Flint and Deeside, has a fleet of well-maintained flatbed trucks to help you with a variety of freight transport services. If you are planning to transport vehicles from one place to another, you may want to choose flatbed trucks for your job. Flatbed trucks are especially designed for the easy transportation of vehicles.  
Flatbed trucks

Why use flatbed trucks for Freight transport?

  • Ensures your load is secure
  • Affordable and saves on time
  • Easy to load and offload freight
  • Provide greater safety on the road
  • Used to transport a wide range of heavyweight goods
In addition to providing you with a variety of freight transport options in Flint and Deeside, we offer warehousing services.
heavy load transport

Need to transport heavy loads?

If you need to transport a load which is either oversized or heavyweight, then you can opt for flatbed trucks. Our drivers are well-trained and experienced in operating these trucks and make sure all your goods are transported in a secure manner. 
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